Is one’s metabolism a factor in determining the rate at which results from weight lifting are experienced?

Let’s define metabolism simply, as the sum rate of catabolic processes, anabolic processes and the energy costs of running them. What factors determine these processes?

The rate of results you see from resistance training are influenced by many factors, not the least of which is your metabolism.

  • Genetics-countless genes, gene combinations and gene-protein interactions & expressions;
  • Age-Yes, metabolism when you are young and fresh generally works a lot more efficiently than when you’re old and not-so-fresh. As you get older, your body tends to switch from a parasympathetic operating system (the so-called ‘’feed & breed’’ orientation) to a sympathetic operating system (the so-called ‘’fight, fright & flight’’ configuration). The former supporting a primarily ‘’anabolic’’ mode while the later is primarily catabolic;
  • And then there is lifestyle choice. This includes your diet, training strategies, sleep hygiene factors, mindset and other important things. These choices which, for the most part, are under your command and completely within your control have a very strong influence on your resistance training progress and success.

So, while you have to play the genetic hand of cards that you’ve been dealt, you always have those bluff, fold, see and raise options available to you…and these factors give you a lot of room to influence what the ultimate outcome of your genetic hand is.

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