Some people say that you can use the power of the mind to lose weight. Is this possible?

I guess that it might be smarter than some people think, anyway

Of course it is.

As long as that power of thought is shrewdly accompanied by action (exercise, altering diet and modifying other lifestyle choices), I think that thinking that one can loose weight by using the power of mind is a reasonable proposition.

However, if your intention is to sit crossed-legged and focus the secret fat burning mechanisms of your mind to produce all-powerful, laser like, fat-burning vibes directed at fat cells that are subsequently expected to magically vanish or melt away like hot candle wax, well…

You may be a little disappointed.

Just like I often am…

…whenever I try firing up those amazing psychic abilities of mine with the aim of launching myself into outer space and floating quickly and blissfully over to Alpha Centauri for the weekend.

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