What type of insect will be best (easiest to raise and most nutritious) to boost my protein intake.

Hmm, erm, well…let’s see. I am going to have to check on that for you, as to be honest, I’ve always preferred whey protein, myself.

However, the beautiful thing about this job is that I get to investigate and report back on all manner of interesting health and fitness related topics.

It appears that cockroaches are going to be your creature of choice.


Yes, I said cockroaches…remember, you asked.

Cockroach farming is actually a booming industry in many far eastern countries, especially China.

Personally, I always seek out local open air markets when I travel. It’s part of the fun.

The health and taste aspects of this particular food source are dependent on your cultivation techniques and the relevant hygiene measures practiced.

So, although it may be convenient, you don’t want to hunt down and capture those nasty little buggers living in the cracks around the toilet bowl or scurrying away down the drainpipes of your sink when you switch on the light in the kitchen on your way to midnight snack time.

Good things come in little packages?

Apparently, the little brown critters are very tender & delicious, as long as you raise them properly. Ensure that you wean them on organic vegetarian cuisine-fruits, nuts, veggies and the like. They are, as we all know, what they eat.

Cockroach milk is delicious, nutritious and rather thirst quenching on those long, hot summer days when you tire of the same old peach iced-lattes.

Here’s a handy little info-video, should your curiosity be sparked and the motivation now be present to give it a try yourself.

How to prepare a cockroach

Anyone fancy a roach kebab after the pub?

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