I’ve heard a lot about mTOR and how it builds muscle. What supplements do I use to boost it?

If you find a supplement that successfully boosts mTOR, you will certainly boost cell proliferation. This might help you with upping your muscle mass, alleviate depression (think the anti-depressive effects of ketamine), or perhaps, increase the likelihood of cancer.

The mTOR pathways and multiple complexes that this powerful and fascinating molecule forms have not been fully elucidated and are not fully understood. There are many anti-cancer drugs available to target mTOR pathways on the pharmaceutical market. The fact that there is this whole class of drugs designed to inhibit mTOR should give one pause for reflection and provide food for thought.

It would probably be safer, wiser, more prudent & worthwhile to pursue supplements that could antagonise Myostatin as far as bodybuilding purposes are concerned.

Creatine being one of the most available of these supplements.

mTOR agonist
Boy, this looks complicated. I think that I’ll just stick with creatine!

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