Why do testosterone levels fall after age 30?

Yep, It’s The Magic Molecule

Age related testosterone decline, or secondary hypogonadism has a couple of main reasons for happening. I’m going to simplify things a little:

  1. The mostly enzymatic conversion process that goes cholesterol->pregnenolone->testosterone becomes progressively more inefficient with time.
  2. Leydig Cells, the little machines that run the above reaction, along with several others of major importance, become less sensitive to LH (luteinizing hormone) released by the pituitary as a sort of initiation signal to start the testosterone conversion process. The older man starts releasing more and more LH with less and less cellular responsiveness. Similar to the kind of occurrence happening in Adult Onset or Type 2 diabetes where a greater and greater amount of insulin is released in response to an increasing amount of tissue insensitivity.

Now, whether this happens at 30, 40 or 20, has as much to do with lifestyle choices as it does with genetics. All is not lost and life can still be fun and well worth living as the clock tick-tocks on.

Mother Nature, the bitch she is, may start to attempt to shut you down and not have much use for you after 30.

Stubborn You, of course, may have other ideas and not be quite so ready to throw in the towel just yet.

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