Gym Psyche: What should your mind be focused on to optimize a training session? What is an ideal gym mindset?

Two important and good questions.

I’ve always found a combat or warrior-spirit oriented focus the most fun and useful one in my mindset repertoire. It requires the same confident, switched-on, ears and eyes open, body oriented, sense prioritized, equal to your opponent and ready-for-anything state of being and readiness that while entering a potential battlezone, an experienced soldier might feel.

For me, with my rather naturally lazy, semi-introverted personality, this sort of prep provides the energy and sense of power and of purpose that, after 40 years of almost non-stop training, I still respond favourably to.

The process most resembles the way an actor might prepare for a well defined role, one that he has played many times.

Or, if you prefer, a singer in a rock band gearing up to sing that song he has sung a 1000 times before.

Yeah, you know which one. The favourite one. The one that still manages to send shivers down your spine and get the punters whooping and up on their feet.

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