What Does A Recipe for Muscle Mousse Have to Do with A Bunch Of Seemingly Unrelated Things?

Ok, call it like you see it: it’s just wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky mindset, a fond little day dream that summer is not far off…erm not too far off, anyway.

So, in preparation for this summer-better-late-than-never, about a week ago I started on a Ketogenic Diet. The last one I did was about 3 or 4 years ago, before a 2-week trip that I needed to look the part for, wonderfully spent driving up and down the coast of California.
Just in case anyone is interested in the results of that little venture into risk (and I use the word risk without much exaggeration – I really put myself on the line with that one – I had just turned 56 and publicised the whole thing on the gym’s Facebook Pages for thousands to see, setting myself up  as a target of deep ridicule, if I should fail).
But I wasn’t planning on failing. And didn’t. The body fat loss result of that now infamous “6-Weeks to the Beach” diet challenge was pretty damn good, dropping down to 8%-9% body fat from a starting level of almost 17%. (medically verified by the use of a DEXA SCAN at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Centre in Los Angeles-see the attached results and photos below). 
Strangely, I came up against a surprising amount of resistance from some sectors of  internet society & the general public. I was heckled by more than a few self-styled experts and 5-minute Internet Gurus…I was called an arrogant, drug using (sort of a left-handed that suggests a well planned Keto Diet looks to possess drug-like affects) scoundrel (although scoundrel wasn’t actually the word used) by an odd group of  what appeared to be a rather lazy, ignorant, jealous crowd of FacebookB*tches.
Although, to tell you the truth, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about what a few undersexed, snivelling girly-men who stayed awake late at at night praying that I might fall down the stairs were thinking. Let them stay awake late at night pathetically sticking tiny pins into voodoo dolls, if they want! Busy people have more pressing matters of concern.
Anyway, what I started out to do with this little blog was not to do a rant on trolls. What it was actually to do was post what I thought was a rather useful recipe for something that I call Muscle Mousse, a kind of a “Ketotic Cheat” i.e. something sweet and feeling to fool your body, gives you the feeling of a rich dessert, yet doesn’t kick you out of ketosis-in fact it is extremely helpful in kicking you the other way -> that is, IN to ketosis. And the key ingredient used for this effect in the recipe is pure MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil (don’t think that substituting coconut or olive oil it will be just as good, it won’t be).
For those of you who are wrestling with the discipline of a Ketosis Diet, who find it difficult to eat the often gross and horribly stupendous amounts of fat required to keep the fat burning fire of ketosis going, this little trick just might go a long way to help you solve the problem in a relatively painless way.
Why not whip up your own?
Click here for the secret of MUSCLE MOUSSE

Muscle Mousse

Low Carb Muscle Mousse.

Here are some photos of the transformation from my first stab at Ketosis a few years ago:
1) 16.8% body fat 56 year old begins his challenge to get lean. Will he fail?

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2) Weeks 2 & 3.

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 3) Are you going my way? Good progress in weeks 4 & 5.

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4) The final product of the 6 WEEKS TO THE BEACH diet (during which the subject ate quite a lot of Muscle Mousse during a challenge that actually turned out to be 8-9 weeks ;-).

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5) Starting body mass = 91.4kg and Body Fat % 16.9

7) The End Result: 8.1% at a body weight around 83kg. Scan results: DEXA is considered the gold standard in assessing body fat percentage & distribution.DEXA Scan top page

So, you can take a few useful things away from today’s blog. What might they be?

  1. A reasonably tasty recipe for a Ketotic Desert that most probably will help you in your efforts to get, and stay, in ketosis;
  2. Even a 56 year old guy can get pretty ripped in a relatively short period of time;
  3. And finally, a little quote by a famous Englishman just to drive home the point that you can usually get fairly close to what you want, if you pull the stops out and are persistent at it:

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

Sir Francis Bacon

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