What are the safest 2 supplements for muscle building?

Few miracles can be crammed into a single pill.

Notice that the question that I am answering today is which two are safest and not which 2 work best. Which works best is a different topic and one that needs to be handled with a bit more finesse than this, much simpler question. This webpage is rated G for the whole family today and won’t be addressing any deep, dark, controversial bodybuilding secrets. At some point, I may decide to address one of these deep, dark, controversial issues and tell you what I really think, but not today, no. Today it’s just a simple, short and sweet blog post.

The old adage:

One man’s meat is another’s poison

applies to supplements as it does to almost anything else in the real world. But after more than 40 years in this business, I’ll say your safest bets are likely to be the following two:

  1. Protein (includes amino acids, BCAAs, etc.) and
  2. Creatine (monohydrate and a few other forms).

No, not the most exciting or sexy of answers, but then again, that wasn’t the question tabled. And even these two GRAS supplements carry around some controversial dead weight (*see footnote below*), you’ll not find any serious arguments against them.

As long as we use a little common sense, exercise sensible expectations and realise that very few miracles come along in pill form, these two supplements will deliver the highest return with the least risk.

I’m low on wishes today…so you’ve only got the one. Make it good.


Protein. There are a few situations when protein intake levels that are high enough could have potentially negative health implications. For instance, advanced stages of kidney disease or gout.

Creatine. A few years ago there was a French proposal to limit creatine (along with caffeine, carnitine and lycopene, for god’s sake!), implying that more than 3 grams of creatine (as a daily supplement) had health implications. The media went ballistic, although later the whole thing came to nothing as it was based on bad science.

(Those French. They really ought to know better than to give health advice with those nasty Gitanes and Gauloises  dangling at precarious angles out of the corners of mouths and clouding up their eyesight with smoke).

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