The 5 Top Supplements For Not Growing Old Gracefully

They just died before they got old.

Ok, here’s the BODYWORKS hit list of the “5 Top Supplements For Not Growing Old Gracefully”:

  1. High Dosage DHA/EPA Standardised Fish Oil> Even with the latest research indicating that fish oil might not be as efficacious for preventing coronary events as once believed, this is going to be #1 on the list. The Omega-3s have multiple other important uses including anti-inflammatory properties (inflammation is one of the major downsides contributing to the ageing/decrepitude process), demonstrated anti-depressive effects, immune boosting and triglyceride reducing qualities, to name a few. Make sure to get the best quality Omega-3’s sources (including seafoods) that you can find and afford to avoid mislabeling and rancidity issues.
  2. Creatine> I have written extensively about the anti-sarcopenia muscle building and brain enhancing properties of this very useful little molecule on Quora and elsewhere in the past. The research behind its multiple benefits is massive, ubiquitous and undeniable. Monohydrate is probably the best, most assimilable and cheapest form of creatine and the only one, with the possible exception of ethyl-ester compound, that I would recommend.
  3. (-)-epicatechin> Many readers will not be familiar with the name of this molecule, but almost all will know the natural source it comes from: Dark Chocolate. One of my favourite supplements. Recent research has indicated positive effects on muscle growth (most likely primarily due to its ability to inhibit myostatin), high antioxidant (although not all oxidation processes are bad, some in fact are downright vital) and blood pressure lowering effects. If you plan on getting your dose of this useful little molecule from natural sources, choose a vetted brand ( is a decent go to source for supplement lab testing results, but there are others) with at least a 70% rating in approximately the 30-50 g dosage range.
  4. PROTEIN> Protein is just such a ubiquitous Old School supplement that it is often downgraded in its perception as a very useful supplement! A staple for every serious trainer out there or, at least should be. However, the protein available today is not the lactose-laden cr*p of yesteryear. New technology applied to the processing of modern protein supplements is all very New School and is constantly evolving. Protein supplementation are one of the small group foodstuffs that has actually benefited from modern food processing technologies.

There are seven main types of protein available in today’s marketplace (although fish, pea and yes, insect protein can be found out there, too): casein, egg albumin, milk protein isolate, hydrolysate protein, soy, whey concentrate and whey isolate.

Casein protein works more slowly than other types of protein. It is a great supplement to take in the evening time, right before bed to help repair broken down muscle tissue. Egg albumin is just the egg whites and no yolk. It is a pure protein and wonderful for promoting lean, healthy muscle tissue (although egg yolk is a great source of rather important nutrients, too it is also high in fat). Milk protein isolate is a combination of casein and whey. Hydrolysate protein considered one of the highest quality proteins available; it is also one of the most expensive protein supplements available. Hydrolysate protein absorbs quickly into the muscles, so it is best to take this protein supplement right after an intense workout, and has a great amino acid profile. Soy protein is available for purchasers who are concerned with following a vegetarian style diet. But Soy protein is also heart healthy, helps aid muscle recovery and is also good for speeding up an individual’s metabolism. Whey concentrate is an inexpensive form of protein and highly popular among bodybuilders and non-bodybuilders alike. This form of whey protein has an impressive amino acid profile and is easily absorbed into the muscles. Whey isolate is well-known as one of the fastest acting protein supplements out there. It is also extremely low in carbohydrates and sugars.

5. Go ahead, call me a crack-pot or goof-ball for this next suggestion for a supplement, if you want to. But for me, it is one of the most important and efficacious on the list, if not the most important supplement of them all.

Ruthlessly Positive Atitude (RPA)>  “Getting old, it ain’t for sissies” as the great Bette Davis quipped. Motivation, emotional & physical grit, spiritual toughness, the warrior-like never say die attitude, all these necessary characteristics are required to do battle with the ageing process. And all, without exception, are reliant on a mindset that can generate these survival qualities in order to withstand the relentless slaughterhouse of time. The Selfish Gene may not have much use for you after your 30s and Nature may not want you to stick around after 80 (the time of life that most medical practitioners and experts in the geriatrics field will tell you that “it’s all downhill from there”).

But you, you personally?

Probably have other plans, right?

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