What Exactly Is a Personal Trainer Supposed To Do For Me?

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Is it really necessary for me to hire a personal trainer, or can I do it some other way?

The answer depends on your current level of fitness, what your purpose in hiring one is and on what the quality of trainer that you’re going to employ is likely to be. As is true with most purchases, quality is a matter of paramount importance for your consideration because quality will vary, considerably.

1. A competent trainer will safely guide you through new territory and show you things you might not have otherwise noticed.

2. A knowledgeable trainer will assist you to navigate through this unfamiliar landscape and help you get the difference between what is important and essential and what is junk and not.

3. A good trainer can concentrate your focus on a clear objective while supplying your workout experience with some of the structure and backbone that it might otherwise lack.

4. A trainer worth his (or her) salt can offer some assistance in transforming you into the architect of your own fitness destiny. He/she will do this by using whatever knowledge, tools and smarts in their possession to open up opportunities for growth, self-improvement and personal fulfilment.

5. Although employing a trainer will undoubtably be an investment in your health and well-being that will repay itself ten-fold, it will necessarily involve hard work, sweat equity and quite possibly some pain and humiliation. Because, if it was all sweetness and nice lights, you would have already done it on your own.

6. A really talented and experienced trainer will accomplish all of these tasks efficiently and seamlessly. He will not make simple things more complicated than they are, nor difficult things more difficult than they seem.

7. Along with these features, an honest trainer will explain why the whole process won’t be cheap or easy. If it is either, it probably lacks some or all of the previous mentioned service points. In addition, this honest and forthright trainer will no doubt make sure that you have a good estimate and budget for the job at hand. He or she will help you ascertain that you understand the associated costs in time, money and sweat equity involved. So do make certain that you get a quote or an estimate for the job that needs to be done to get you to where you want to go.

8. Paperwork. Yes, I suppose diplomas, certificates and degrees are mandatory nowadays. Do they guarantee a good trainer who is worth the money that you are spending on him or her? No, not necessarily. The documentation in question just shows that the owner of their paperwork has gone to the trouble to spend a certain amount of his or her resources to get a document. The value of that documentation and what it really represents as far as experience, competence and expertise awaits confirmation. So, take note of a prospective trainer’s documentation, as it is one of the keys that will open the door onto your choice of trainer, but realise that it is one of several other keys required to land the job,

Does the casual little list above cover the whole gamut of aptitudes and skills that a Personal Trainer should have in his toolbox? Not by a long shot, only a few of the basic ones that can be considered important and need to be in there.Related image

Now, should you ever find yourself in the market for a PT, my hope is that you might have a little better idea of just what you are shopping for.

And if you are a personal trainer, or thinking about giving the day job up to ‘feed your passion & follow the dream’ and become one, my advice to you is to make sure that you create and maintain a ruthlessly optimistic mindset, are capable of a large quantity of bending before you break, and you know how to give value for money. Otherwise, make sure that you hold on to your day job.

In a nutshell, that’s it.


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