Training In The Gym: What Are The Most Neglected Muscles?

In physique competition parlance, back in The Day when there was a little more attention paid to the principles of aesthetics, symmetry & balance as well as mass and size, these were the incidentals.

Called incidental, with some tomgue-in-cheek irony aimed at the civilians, punters and hicks (anyone who wasn’t a real bodybuilder) who never really seemed to notice these muscles, let alone waste much time directly training them.

  • Calves: gastrocnemius, soleus & particularly the tibialis;
  • Abs (everyone knows a 6-pack, but how about the rest?): Obliques, intercostals & serratus;
  • Forearms: brachialradialis and all the other little pronators and supinators;
  • Neck: platysma & sternocleodmastoid muscles.

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