Does Arnold’s Encyclopaedia Still Work In This Day and Age?

You could do a lot worse than use this book as a starting point to build your future training career on.

This book is the spiritual & iconic equivalent of driving cross country in an old, dependable-as-hell 1986 Cadillac with a $100 in your pocket and not a care in the world.

I’ve had a copy of it for public viewing in all my gyms for the last quarter of a century and still get a kick out of referring to it as The Bible Of Bodybuilding.

When Arnold made the statement that He wasn’t an Actor, He was a Star and He wasn’t a Writer, He was an Author this book is part of what he meant.

He didn’t write a word of it. But nevertheless, it has the stamp of His Greatness’s Aura all over it.

It’s chock-full of inspirational photos and old school information, it is a source of tacit knowledge, (most of it is sound and still practical, especially if you’re still in your first 2 or 3 years of training) mystical bodybuilding lore and unlimited motivation, rather than hard scientific fact.

But so what? You are signing up as an acolyte in The Church Of The Pumping Iron, not enrolling at Oxford for your PhD.

It is a work that contains all the strengths of a bible and most of its weaknesses.

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