How Much Muscle Do Women Really Find Attractive?

What’s it gonna really take to make her swoon?

Ok, so let me deliver an answer to this delightful question from a unique and unusual perspective…mine.

When I began to train, way back in the Dark Ages, I was the proverbial Ugly 98LB Weakling.

And let’s come to terms with the known facts, I began for 2 reasons: Girls & Glamour. For at the time, I was young & dumb and believed that both of these quantities were the equivalent of A class tickets to that self-confidence I was so desperately chasing at that age.

Let’s cut to the chase, find out just what happened.

The girls who were attracted to ugly 98LB Weaklings (unexpectedly, a significant % at that age) were exchanged for girls who weren’t (but the total overall % stayed roughly the same). I didn’t get more, just different.

After many years of continuous, unremitting unscientific but practical funfilled research and breathtakingly close calls, the concessional hypothesis that resulted went something like this (it even seems to have a peculiar kind of mathematical texture about it):

The amount of muscle that a woman finds attractive is in direct proportion to the amount of muscle that the guy who attracts her has and furthermore, is also tangential to the intensity of that attraction.

Yes, viola! It’s that defacto simple.

In other words, it seems to be one of a number of other features, no big deal, just like having blue eyes, brown eyes, soft ears, hard ears, big hands, tall, short, blond, bald, dark, being a Harley rider or no. This simple discovery came wrapped as a rather surprising insight to me and has remained in my repertoire of life-insights to this very day.

So, how does this fit into our philosophy of love and what practical use can we make of it?

If muscles are going to act as a babe-magnet, then the resulting overarching quality produced from the having of them is perhaps a form of sincere self-confidence. If more muscles give this to a guy, she will probably find them attractive, whatever the quantity of meat involved may be. If more muscles don’t, then she probably won’t.

Although not actually requested, I thought a little informational upgrade might be in order: The weight of the value of any particular feature, be it mental, physical or spiritual, is essentially dependent on the quirks, kinks, vagaries and sphinxlike mysteries possessed by the individual woman or girl herself.

These basically ephemeral things will tend to remain outside your volition or control and it will serve no purpose to worry about them.

So, go ahead, go get some nice muscles. Not because you think that they will give you the upper hand in matters of the heart or act as hard currency in the transactions of love…

But, just to see what they feel like and ’cause you want ’em.


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