LandMine Squats

So, the guy who runs the gym has lots of injuries accumulated over the years and some fancy hardware installations to go along with them. No big deal.


This doesn’t always make it cost-effective to do heavy squats, but anyone who reads any of my blogs knows that I think Squats are King.

Injuries are always a pain in the back, even one that doesn’t involve it. Multiple injuries just multiply the problem, sometimes exponentially. Surgeons are great mechanics, but they don’t often send along very helpful maintenance manuals or spend much time teaching you how to drive it, once you’re back on the roads with the new model.

So, what to do? How do I maintain some credibility and not have to bear the insult and humiliation of people pointing & laughing at legs turned into thin strands of Angel Hair Pasta?

This is how:

No, you won’t be loading up the bars with 500kg and breaking any new world records, but the configuration of the exercise allows for offloading the lumbar spine to a certain extent and focusing on the pump.

And it’ll take away the worry that you’re going to pop a disk and have to chase it around the gym all afternoon.

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