What Happens When You Do 200+ Squats A Day.

Taking on activities such as this will lift you out of the safe, boring straight-jacketed world of the mind-numbing mundanities and soul-destroying mediocrities of a normal work-a-day world and will teach you something.

Furthermore, engaging in unaccustomed activities, outside of yours and others’ comfort zones, in general, places you on a narrow, less traveled, mystery-strewn path towards some of the older and truer gods. If you’re young enough and careful enough, the risks are minimal and the payoff in knowledge and muscle will probably be worth it. The older and less careful you are, the higher the risks and costs of doing business off of the beaten path become.

Therefore, the wise man verily approaches this unknown land with respect & fascination; engaging not his aspirations with ambivalence & incaution.

Moreover, the man or woman who would seek to circumnavigate above the limitations of his or her fellow men will begrudge not the high price of admission exacted for passage through these hallowed lands and out unto the chiaroscuro landscapes of his uncommon endeavours and the golden arrows of opportunity & self-knowledge which are to be found there and that they represent.

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