How come shops don’t sell female bodybuilding magazines or female muscle magazines?

Oh, they do pop up every-now-and-then.

Albeit, much less often than is fair.

These attempts have not been very successful because the market for an exclusively female oriented product is not strong or lucrative enough. In other words, not only do not enough people think that the demand is there, historically it hasn’t proven to be.

Most Bodybuilding periodicals do very often do feature women, or at least tip their hat to them. A few even going so far as dedicating space in their issues to them on a fairly regular basis.

Have no fear, though as a whole weird and wonderful subculture devoted to the “appreciation” of the muscular feminine form exists out there. I have been to several bodybuilding trade shows where big, buff and beautifully built Amazons had booths for public display…and very popular they seemed to be, too!

These booths and their built-like-a-brick-shithouse female occupants will often be overrun with small tribes of adoring, dweebie-looking little gents falling all over themselves to get close to a goddess, their cameras and iPhones at the ready.

But if you really want some serious action, go ask Dr. Google. He knows where the best female buff on the .net resides.

Hello, big Business Opportunity!  Perhaps now the time is right and a new field is ripe and ready for exploitation.

In the end, it’s all about what sells (and what doesn’t).

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