How much muscle do women find attractive?

Ok, I’m going to deliver an answer to this delightful question from a unique and unusual angle…mine.

When I began to train, way back in the Dark Ages, I was the proverbial Ugly 98LB Weakling.

And let’s face it, I began for 2 reasons: Girls & Glamour, as I believed then that both of these were the ticket to self confidence.

Here is what happened:

The girls who were attracted to ugly 98LB Weaklings (strangely, a significant % at that age) were exchanged for girls who weren’t (but the % stayed roughly the same). So I didn’t get more, just different.

After continuous and unending unscientific research over many decades, the concessional hypothesis that I came up with went something like this (it even seems to have a kind of mathematical ring to it):

The amount of muscle that a woman is attracted to is in direct proportion to the amount of muscle that the guy who attracts her has and furthermore, is also tangent to the intensity of that attraction the guy in question holds for her.

In other words, it’s just sort of a feature, no big deal, like any other. Blue eyes, brown eyes, soft ears, hard ears, big hands, tall, short or whatever. The weight of the value of a particular feature depends on the quirks, kinks and vagaries of the individual woman or girl herself.

Hopefully, this makes some sense.


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