Hormone Replacement Therapy, Keep Your Mind Open & Never Say Die.

First, a couple of quotes to kick off this short discussion from two of my favorite icons, as my real intention is to use this question to look at slightly larger, more broadly defining issues.

Old age ain’t no place for sissies. Betty Davis

Nobody wants to get old. But the common alternative sucks. Keith Richards

For some types of individuals, the use of testosterone replacement is a resolutely safer and more preferable choice than the alternative. Someone’s Goal is to exert enough pressure to get you into that golden rocking chair and thinking “ oh well, at least you get wiser as you get older,” arguably a piss-poor rationalization for the loss of a set of youthful qualities & characteristics that most of us would prefer not to trade up from.

Mama Nature is more concerned with the endgame of preserving your gene line than She is of preserving you. More or less finished with you and ready to cast you out on your own and to fend for yourself somewhere deep into your 30’s, She has a disheartening habit of bringing attention to this disappointing evolutionary configuration in a variety of particularly nasty & unpleasant ways. Gradually switching your override nervous system from a parasympathetic (feed & breed, anabolic) setting to a more sympathetic (fight or flight, catabolic) orientation by, amongst other diabolical machinations, slowly shutting down the efficiency of your endocrine machinery. This is just for starters. No need for me to go on talking the whole long depressing litany of potentially looming malfunctions and quality-of-life degradations awaiting you, is there? We’d all be crying into our beers in no time.

Stiffen your backbone a little and pause to reflect, gird your loins and begin to consider a more optimistic life outlook involving a mental orientation encompassing the possibility of a shift to another, more robust set of gears. Don’t be a knavish slave to those “commonly known facts” purloined and made too accessible by the common ken. No matter how seemingly insurmountable and profoundly disappointing these facts may seem at close range, overpowering in the potency of the noxious aroma of ignorance and mindless repetition, however depressingly dark the seepage of the eternally simmering soup cauldron of public knowledge turns out to be, don’t lose hope. There are always opportunities for out-of-the-box action experiences. The world is filled with second chances to re-direct the destiny that someone else may envision for you, but you have other plans for. Hang tough.

Supplements such as Bulbine, Long Jack, Horny Goat Weed, D-Aspartic Acid are possible testosterone boosters but may be of questionable value for upgrading the flagging resources of aging males. Here also lies the utility of Bio-identical hormone replacement technologies like testosterone replacement. These, the coming SARM technologies and developing gene therapies hold promise as reasonably good protocols to be used as weapons in our battle arsenal to stave off the relentless onslaught of time & despicable decrepitude. Hang tough.

Sure, it may turn out to be a double-edged sword, containing certain caveats and risks inherent in the use of these things. Learn to make informed choices, learn as much about the subject matter as you can tolerate. Knowledge is always good for decreasing the chance of mishaps and silly mistakes as well as a boon to increasing your levels of fitness and floating high above the water line. Curiosity and self-education are vital survival skills, as well as often turning out to be fun and full of surprise activities.

Exercise, nutritional and supplemental strategies, proper sleep and breathing techniques, the whole cornicopiac arsenal of proper mental and physical hygiene practices are going to be required, also. Do not be foolishly lazy in your endeavors. Remember, your opponent is no slouch. Apply the tools at hand constantly and with ruthless intention.

Mistah Grim’s job is to get you. The hooded mystery man on his awful steed steadfastly gallops full tilt in your direction and has well and truly mastered the savage administration of his dark arts and lethal tasks. Don’t underestimate him or take things naively for granted, he’s fond of his work and relentless in its pursuit. Don’t be a sucker, give the matter the attention that it warrants.

Don’t give the man what he wants, the resolution of such weighty matters depends on the strength of your refusal.

How difficult you decide you’re gonna make His Unnerving Presence’s hatchet job, of course, is up to you. The choice that you can “just give up” because it makes things easier is always lurking obliquely, crouched sinisterly, close at hand.


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