I am a woman who trains daily in the gym to get toned and fit. I prefer men to look like men and women to look feminine but not fat. I want to use protein powder, but my overweight G/Fs tell me that I’ll start to look like a guy.

There are a couple of curious misconceptions in the world, one that classifies foods and supplements into male and female categories and another that you go to the gym and are destined to grow huge, grotesque muscles-whether you want to or not.

There are probably many factors to account for this strange belief structure and rather unnatural way of looking at things, including, but not limited to cultural and marketing influences. But why people who obviously aren’t very well informed, dare I say just plain ignorant, believe that you are in serious danger of going into the gym and exit a couple of weeks later as a huge and misshapen carricture of your former self is something of a mystery.

Let’s leave the question of hormonal differences aside for the moment. There will always be exceptions, but the factors affecting the differences between the sexes as far as fitness, training techniques and nutrition are more inclined to be quantitative than qualitative.

Both men and women need protein, although based on bodyweight and musculature, men may require greater quantities of it. In either case, it serves the same purpose i.e. aiding in a number of vital physiological functions and contribute to the repair process.

So ladies, have no fear should you choose to take a portion of your daily protein intake as a supplemental powder. Doing this will exert no harmful or irreversible effects on you and you are in absolutely no danger of getting big, ugly muscles and being unable to fit into your normal clothing.

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