Did You Ever Try Being A Vegetarian & A Bodybuilder At The Same Time?

I spent a couple of years as a vegetarian, not for any moral, philosophical or health reasons-just as an experiment, to see what would happen and how it worked.

Several things resulted from this experiment. Mental clarity benefitted, gut microbiome changed, I felt lighter, slightly more agile and my skin got subjectively better. On the minus side, my quality as a competitive bodybuilder declined and overall strength and power suffered.

One day, I woke up, went down to the local Norm’s and had steak and eggs for breakfast. It took a week or two for my body to adjust to the change back to carnivorality. During which time a host of physical and psychological resets caused a certain degree of havoc. Some of this havoc resulting in quite comical happenings, others not quite so humorous.

This radical degree of upset to physiological functions could have been avoided, most likely, by a more gradual and measured approach to the return to meat eating. My offhand and careless “cold turkey” approach to the adaptations that occurred during what seemed to be, at least in my case, a rather fundamental change was probably a little presumptuous.

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