Quick Creatine Question Time: Is it safe to use everyday? What is it best used for? What is the best dosage? And do I have to cycle it?

Creatine has several interesting uses and lots of possible physiological outcomes. There is evidence that it exerts the main force of its muscle building effect through myostatin inhibition. It also biogenic substrata component in the ADP-ATP energy cycle, fundamental for producing energy used in all manner of metabolic processes including muscular contraction.

Many internet bros and self-styled gurus out there will confidently inform you that cycling is necessary. Bro Science is a peculiarly popular form of advice, but not necessarily a particularly sound source of credible information. The cycling myth most likely is an anachronistic holdover from a time when it was an excitingly new and rather expensive secret new supplement, selling for around £1/g. and in a vendor’s best interest to market it as a questionable alternative to steroids. I know of no serious scientific study proving that that cycling creatine is either necessary or useful.

At reasonable dosage levels (around5–10g daily) I am not persuaded that it needs to be cycled. It is not as if creatine is a drug that you are in danger of building up tolerance to. How sensitive you are to creatine is probably influenced by a complex combination of genetic and lifestyle factors. When muscles become saturated, excess creatine will merely be excreted.

In other words, if you don’t use it, you’ll just harmlessly piss it away.

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