Stairway To Heaven: New Gym Toys Upgrade Update Part II


Often when I write a blog about something, I try to keep it short and sweet.

And this is not always because I think “short and sweet” covers everything that I’d like to say. It is also not because I don’t have a sort of ‘gift of gab’ and can’t usually manage to go on at length about something, whether I actually know much about that something or not.

No, I try to keep it pithy because I have an idea that, for most people, reading anything longer than a one of President Trump’s tweets puts them to sleep.

So, I find  it gratifying that even a handful of people might be interested in and take the time out for something, anything that I blog about. Attention is golden currency.

A recent post about some other new equipment received a little more attention than I expected. Perhaps some of this surprising attention came from the handful of businesses  who crassly imagine that they are in the running as competitors of BodyWorks. Perhaps the foolhardy principals of these businesses are busy tearing their hair out, looking around and exclaiming “what on earth do we do now?”



Not long ago I arrived back on the island from a very good week in Tenerife  and decided that I needed a bit of mountain climbing conditioning, even though I had also recently bought a flat located towards the top of Constitution Steps and assumed that, along with my regular training schedule, running up all those stairs with my overpacked bags of groceries, that I’d be well fit enough to go for anything slightly shorter than K2.


Climbing around on El Teide under a cloudlessly sapphire sky in 25C heat at a paltry  elevation of only 7500’ instilled in me the opinion that I was wrong about that.

So, as we are going to be giving that active volcano god another shot in October, I thought that I’d get something to help me (and of course the rest of the gym!) get ready.

This is what I came up with.

Below is a picture of a Stairmill, with dimensions of over 2 metres high, 1.2 metres wide, 2 metres in length and weighing in at 650kgs, this thing ain’t no midget:




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