New Toys Upgrade Update Part I

Back Story

A kind of happy problem for some gym owners, at least of the old school, non-corporate variety, is the need to kit out their establishments with lots of good, sound, useful, pretty equipment while preserving the space, light and atmosphere that customers require to maneuver in close for a proper training experience.

So, the formula for getting it right goes something like this: for each filled space, you’re going to need some empty space to offset it. You can look at it like a sort of matter/anti-matter problem. A good gym should not only be filled with useful stuff, but it should also provide the necessary energy, buzz and motivation brought on without piling people on top of one another and this is done by supplying enough of the personal space and elbow room required.

The guy who owns the gym needs to figure out how to get it (i.e. the buzz, energy, motivation, etc.) to the customer so that he or she can feel it. This, unsurprisingly, is called customer satisfaction, a highly important and often sadly neglected outcome in the gym business.

Front Story

To make a long story short, my partner and I flew up to Birmingham 5 or 6 years ago for a trade show and to have a good look at some fitness equipment. Now, the job of most fitness equipment manufacturers is to convince you that what you really need to keep competitive is to buy from them really expensive and complicated bits of gym kit to do jobs that can usually be done simpler, cheaper and usually better, elsewhere.

We, who are not really lovers of most cardio equipment, really like these little numbers and rate them highly.


But every now and then you come across a diamond in the rough.

For yours truly, this diamond was the TANK TREAD Treadmill. I really got to lusting after a nice nicely built, functional-as-all-hell TANK TREAD Runner. Problem was, we’d already maxed out our equipment purchasing budget allotment…for the next 5 years. And I wanted one of these babies very, very badly.

Now, I don’t particularly like treadmills, but for most gym proprietors , they are a necessary evil. No self-respecting gym can be caught dead without at least one of these big, expensive, space-wasting, boring, cumbersomely ugly beasts.

Enter the TANK TREAD.

As well a purporting to be the Lamborghini of the treadmill world, these brilliantly engineered runners go a fair bit out of their way to solve one of the two problems that I faced; getting a quality bit of treadmill kit into a relatively small space. They certainly recieve a big bravo from me for doing this little trick exceptionally well. And not only that, they are a fun, kick-ass class bit of kit to use, to boot.

This left me with that rather annoying other problem. They are pricey.

Soooo, let’s shoot forward about 5 years and Bodyworks finally gets together enough pocket change to get one. But, not wanting that one to be lonely, we get two. And then we buy some other stuff, just because we thought that it would come in handy and liked the look of it.

So much for thrifty, businesslike self-discipline.


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fullsizeoutput_1054Steve C. liking what he sees.

Also included, some geeky computer stuff to ensure a lack of boredom.IMG_4457

When I extend or add to the strengths of the gym, I often use the same mindset that was useful when in competition mode i.e. the concepts of mass, symmetry and balance.

So, what if I have to cash in my Life Insurance policy in in order to go shopping?

I don’t plan on dying soon, anyway.

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