How’d You Become Interested In Fitness?

From my answer to a question on Quora…

I was a kind of lost and whacked out street kid without any point or direction, about 16 or 17 and living around Santa Monica at the time.

There was a TV news feature on the run up to the Mr. Olympia, it was being held in South Africa that year, as I remember.

There were these guys, I’d never seen anything like it before, almost as if they had been rocketed onto dry land as a variety of alien life form from a distant planet.

I remember the segment switching to a photo shoot with Louie Ferrigno and a spotted leopard, I think. This big cat licked his leg. I couldn’t believe it, my eyes popped out. Just licked his leg. And I felt that cat’s rough, ticklish tongue on my leg.

And then this other incredibly built guy came on with some sort of German accent and the interviewer was asking questions.

“I am de king,” this guy started saying.

“I’m de king,” he said.

And I thought to myself:   Yeah…yeah, I want to be the king, too.

This post is originally from an answer to a question on QUORA, where I sometimes also post.

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