“Will You Sponsor Me?”

The sonic boom of online living in the last 5 years or so has certainly changed reality. In our opinion, one of the bad things that it’s done is install in some people the feeling that they ought to be famous. But (also in our opinion) it has really made being famous a lot harder and less important than it used to be.

A version of this article originated as an answer we made to a question that was directed toward us on Quora:  Alexander Anderson‘s answer to How does someone become a sponsored athlete by a supplement company in bodybuilding? Do they have to compete? 

We get many aspirants at Molecular Dynamics or BodyWorks requesting sponsorship for various competitions, challenges or athletic events. Most of these inquiries come from individuals who basically haven’t a clue, have never previously competed, nor had much experience in advertising or modelling.

What these individuals seem to be missing, even ones with possibly some potential to be successful athletes or models, is that the eggs don’t come before the chickens in this or any other real business. In other words, it is unrealistic to expect to be sponsored before you have a history of accomplishments or evidence of being outstanding in some respect.

You might know that you are a success story waiting to happen, but unless a particular company is making a specific request for new talent through a talent search or audition, you are going to need evidence of credibility to get your foot through the door and be considered for the job.

A business will indeed be looking for a return on investment from the sponsorship of an athlete or model. The best way to assure a businessman of being a good investment or vehicle for his business would be proof of saleability. Doing your homework through a little research into what the company or brand represents and is likely to be looking for wouldn’t hurt either. If the company markets to bodybuilders, they may not be looking for a cyclist, unless they intend a strategy of expanding into a new market.

The best way to prove to a potential sponsor that you will help improve his bottom line is by owning a track record of some relevant description and showing that he can depend on you to help develop his business.

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