Standing Up For Yourself: Why It’s Important to Do it With Class.

One of the problems that we face in running a business with a social media presence is, frankly, attempting to figure out how to handle our online SELF, i.e. our image.

If you spend a lot of time slaving over your business, a lot of energy trying to improve it, love and cherish your business, it becomes almost like a child to you. As if you two were hooked up with an umbilical cord that is stronger than steel. It has a lot of you in it, and it has a lot of its hooks in you. You love it and therefore become a little protective.

So, one of the options, when someone attacks your baby, is to ignore the slight and treat it like a crank phone call…just hang up and don’t answer it when it rings again. This is usually the way we handle it.

But recently we’ve had quite a bit of negative response from certain quarters concerning one of our posts, which on the whole, seems to have been a little misunderstood (those interested readers can read that post here What Those Who Can’t Do Do). And like a bad cold, this misunderstanding seems to be catching.

The post in question treated, in a very general and slightly humorous fashion, the annoying tendency to use social media to sell the emperor some new clothes.

So, what we decided to do this evening is to take some time out and respond to one particularly vociferous attack on our business, in the following way…

An Ignorant And Unfriendly Review:

“Horrendous Facebook presence. This company takes immature, unfounded, poorly researched, ranting shots at hardworking individuals and then defends their attitude by being passive aggressive to people in the comments section. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt the first time, as I was sure their page had be hacked, but I now know this is exactly the kind of business these people are running. And no, I haven’t been to this gym, but surely this page is for rating yourself as a whole business, not just on the quality of your gym equipment. I certainly wouldn’t feel welcome or safe at all at your establishment.”

Our Response:

🤔 Perhaps this particular individual is really attempting to make us see the point:

Why be Passive Aggressive, when you can just be plain ol’ everyday garden-variety downright Aggressive, huh?

The woman seems to really be itching to have a go at us Tooth-and-Nail with this review of hers. There is quite definitely a rather petty, nasty little bee lodged securely and painfully somewhere deep inside her bonnet.

My dear woman, thank you for your ill-considered and less-than-intelligent review of something that you know very little about and have even less of an understanding of. We haven’t accused any particular individual by name, but certainly, if you feel that the shoe fits, toss it to whomever you like.

And we disagree, you do not seem to have even the vaguest idea of what sort of business we are in, nor how long we have been in it.

No, our pages have not been hacked-we take great personal care of the value and quality of content that appears on our pages. As to the actual value of your “benefit of a doubt”, however, it matters little to us. The lion rarely concerns himself with the opinion of sheep.

Well now, on to our, according to this person, “horrendous” Facebook presence…-yes we do have a point of view, and yes again, we intend to stubbornly defend whenever we are able to.

When we see snake oil being peddled as the Holy Grail by con men who aren’t worth their weight in cheap fertilizer, well madam, we will not then go out of our way to mince words

We are also not going to lose much sleep over what someone, who has never been to our business or ever intended to be one of our customers, goes nattering on about.

We dislike precious, mealy-mouthed, self-righteous trolling masquerading as pompous indignation as much as the next fellow.

We will do our best to confront & refute this pointless & tiresome activity, whenever and wherever this distasteful action persists.🤗🤗

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