“Ah, Brilliant! Just What We Need, Another Photo of Someone’s Food on FaceBook!”


Ok, understood. You’ve all seen food before.

You know what a a steak and a carrot look like. You can’t always tell the difference between Bullet and Bomb Proof Coffee, you know there is one or, on the other hand, you may not give a damn.

Got it. So, what’s the point?

Well, here is the point. Food is a pleasure and a tool, not a church just for Sundays. Although, as far as starvation in the world goes, you are a little special because you can eat, not because you do.

You’re not going to go to food hell if you eat a pizza and wash it down with a carafe of merlot. And does anybody really give a f**k about the Fair Trade Organic vegetarian himalayan rice burger you just manhandled with that suprisingly fragrant and refreshing matched glass of iced yogi pink grapefruit tea?

Not eating red meat, eating “clean” (whatever you might want that to mean), on the other hand, doesn’t automatically grant you an indulgence from the wages of sin, either. Hitler and Charley Manson were vegetarians and rumour has it that each was very choosey about what kind of foods he ate and didn’t eat.

You can put high octane petrol in your car or you can use Tijuana Tap Water (a particularly low octane grade fuel that the Mexicans sometimes sell to unwary Gringos) and it will still run on pretty much the same in the short term. But not in the long term.

Just taking a little time to choose, prepare and be aware of what you decide to eat and how you decide to eat it is key to the mindset that you want to cultivate to live an optimally healthy lifestyle. As long as eating is necessary, might as well take time to do it right and enjoy it. If you obsess over the word DIET every time you feel a hunger pang, you will constantly be looking down the barrel of a gun. The outcome of a “diet mindset” is usually failure, loss of self-respect and an otherwise miserable existence.

“Oh, but I travel a lot and can’t maintain much food discipline, etc.”

I do hear you.

A quick pitstop at the local Starbucks for a panini and double latte isn’t going to cripple you for life. Just make sure to take advantage of the gifts and pleasant surprises obtainable from other cultures’ food styles and cuisines that surround you in those foreign lands. It has always been a mystery to me why one would travel thousands of miles to eat at the McDonald’s he so recently left back home. Look forward to what your hunger experience truly is: an opportunity to traverse unknown landscapes of taste, broaden your culinary horizons and embark on gastronomical adventures. Refrain from accepting the boring temptation to seek out and court the familiar, less risky stodge of your mama’s fine cuisine.

When you fall off the diet wagon that you’ve chosen to take a ride on, just get back on it as quick as possible. Don’t wallow around in the muck & mud of guilt & cheap regret or use your momentary loss of balance as a dirty little excuse to swig down 3 more bottles of Red and scarf a couple of bags of those delicious Salt&Vinegar crisps to hide from the ugliness of your loss of food discipline and to kill the pain.

Now, leaving you with these whimsical meanderings, we’ll just get back to our late and lazy Sunday Breakfast while enjoying a stunning SPP rooftop view overlooking Castle Cornet and the harbour.

We may even take a little time out of our dazzlement to post a photo on FB of what we are currently eating.

And aren’t you just dying to know?

(Pictured above from L to R) Cup of rough ground Portuguese coffee with Peruvian cocoa, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Guernsey Cream and coconut oil from Hawaii. Raw local grown broccoli, Iceland humus, British free range coddled eggs with Guernsey butter and cheddar cheese, rustic French sourdough bread, fresh local figs.


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