Why Creatine Cycling Is Unnecessary.

Creatine cycling is probably not necessary at all.

Let’s have a brief look at why the claim for this POV should be true:

Creatine is not a drug. It is rather a nutrient:

A drug occupies a space on an a molecule (receptor site) either preventing it from being activated or activating it (a bit of a simplification but a good enough for our purposes). A drug shuts down, suppresses or otherwise turns off functions in the body by blocking chemical reactions.

A nutrient, on the other hand, activates, expresses, and turns on bodily functions or mechanisms, working much like a key that opens a locking mechanism.

Another drug characteristic has to do with tolerance, the desensitisation or reduction of the response of the body over time to it. In order to resensitize the body, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate a drug from the body for a period of time. Thus, the requirement for a cycling strategy.

Nutrients, like amino acids, essential fatty acids or creatine, on the other hand supply or furnish components or substrates that are necessary to perpetuate, continue and optimise metabolic processes.

Your body does not build up a tolerance to creatine, does not store the substance past a certain (probably genetically determined) level and any extra or unused creatine is simply excreted. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to cause toxicity or create an opportunity for overdose.

As creatine does not show these drug like characteristics, cycling is unnecessary.


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