New Genetic Fitness Testing Services at BodyWorks

It’s in the genes. The right way to train. The right way to eat. The right plan.

Genetic testing is the future. But like all things that are conveniently parlayed into the future and not yet resident in the room, the question is whether or not you should have a go at it now.

The picture that a gene test presents to an individual interested in fitness or the athlete is not yet crystal clear in 100% HD, but it’s getting there. How useful a genetic test to gain insight into certain dietary and training  schemes can be to you NOW depends on interpretation, and depends on who is doing the interpreting. And yet, we bet that these types of tests will give you a whole lot better idea of how to handle your own training strategy than your local FB “fitness guru” with no real training, no real experience or no actual knowledge that you couldn’t find scrawled on the wall in an off-High Street public toilet…well, other than a loud mouth and a good con can cloud the issue with. 

You could wait and, as time goes on, knowledge will improve, be upgraded and refined. So, why not wait till it’s  a science to get yours? Well, because it IS a science. Albeit, a young one.

And well, because that doesn’t help you progress with your training and diet NOW. There’s no time like the present. You are always going to have to make decisions without 100% of the information available to you. That’s where interpretation and experience come in handy. And we’re here to help.

There is so much garbage and “junk-info” in our line of work and time is short. Why waste it? We want to look at every opportunity to present our clients and members with ways to cut through the murky BS so easily available online to help them get to where they need to go, health and fitness-wise.

Give us a call to make an appointment to discuss the in’s and outs, how’s and why’s of this cutting edge fitness technology and how really easy and inexpensive it can be to get fit through science

…and we don’t mean ‘bro-science’.



∞ We are a fully trained consultant & distributor of this new technology ∞

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