By An Unaccustomed Route-Cip’s Story

Cip joined BodyWorks about 5 years ago. He also helped us set up this website. We’ve always had interesting conversations about various aspects of health and fitness with him. So, we decided to get him to tell us why he trains and goes to the gym.

In the beginning, we’re pretty sure that he didn’t like going to the gym very much. Exercising with his dogs, running and swimming (even in the dead of winter) were things that he enjoyed. But the gym? Perhaps he found it a not-so-enjoyable-but-necessary-ingredient to the overall idea of what “fitness” meant for him.

Cip did stop coming to the gym for a while. But he eventually found his way back and now trains here a couple of times a week.

What part does being fit play in your Life and/or your work?

Work wise fitness doesn’t really figure…I have a desk based job in the finance sector. In my private life, as I’m fast approaching 40 I’m beginning to worry that if I don’t banish that “beer belly” before that milestone I may never will. So the race is on.


 How long have you been training? When did you begin to take it seriously?

Seeing where I’m at, I’d say I probably never really took it seriously, up until very recently. I’ve always been the “non sporty” type, and a smoker till my mid-twenties. Once I stopped smoking I started gaining weight. It was a gradual process which resulted in a seriously overweight and unfit me. Then I discovered running and that changed; I was lean an fit. Then became complacent and the weight came back. In recent years my main activity has been swimming, mainly open water swimming and all year round. It’s kept me aerobically fit and the extra pounds were handy insulation and buoyancy aids.


Why have you chosen BodyWorks rather than somewhere else to train & achieve you fitness goals?

 I was always of the view that “you don’t need a gym”; that is to say, you can run, cycle and swim in the great outdoors. I started going to the gym, as it was the thing to do, and did the treadmill, cross-trainer and watched a lot of subtitled soaps...but it never really did anything for me. It was a waste of time. Then I discovered strength training, and in the process BodyWorks…a brilliant place to be as far as Guernsey gyms go. Combine the huge choice of equipment with Alex’s knowledge, you have a winning formula.


 Would you recommend BodyWorks? If so, why and to whom?

 Yes, and no… I would totally recommend it to someone who is serious about getting fit and strong, and doesn’t mind putting in the work. I also know a lot of people who “need” the high resolution, virtual reality exercise bikes, sauna and spa environment and juice bar atmosphere…if that is the sort of “gym” they seek, then BodyWorks is probably not for them. If the time ever comes when they want to see a change and are serious about getting fit, they can come in and join.


What are your plans for the future and what role will your fitness goals and aspirations play in them?

Would like to get into the 40th year of my life with a slimmer waistline…a leaner, stronger me; I am following a strength and hypertrophy routine, and would love to stay injury free, get stronger and leaner. Swimming and running are my go-to outdoor activities, BodyWorks is for the good music, heavy weights and great atmosphere.

Cip Bent Over Rows

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