Memo from The Boss

We’ve been dipping our toes into a few social media ponds such as Quora and the usual internet culprits and neglecting our website a little lately.

We kind of justify this behaviour by telling ourselves that we are just warming up for some interesting blog posts about fitness, motivation, nutrition, sports injuries and how to deal with them, rants about some of the stupid stuff we see in our line of work and even maybe the gym.

But the trouble is that these posts don’t seem to be writing & posting themselves (how tragic). So, the guess is the we had better get to it.

Below is something we’ve been working with some new photo toys. It’s an advert for FB. Maybe Instagram, too. That is, if we can figure out just what Instagram might actually be useful for as far as another media site that is either possibly cost effective for promoting the gym, or which seems more likely, another way to throw our time up against the wall. We’ll try not to confuse the two, because frankly time (and health) is always the real value and currency of our lives. Having lots of ‘likes’, unfortunately means nothing to our bank manager.

Sorry, as you can see by the example below, our competence is still pretty much in the amateur stage with our new photo toy but we’re doing our best at the moment with the little smarts we got and hopefully we can use the technology to better advantage soon.


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