I began training when I was 17 because I was a fat, unhappy, out-of-shape kid who was running scared. I wanted to find a way out and be popular with girls.

In my 20’s I trained because I thought that I had something, just didn’t know exactly what it was. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted out of life, but knew that this was a way to find out.

I spent most of my 30’s building a business and competing. I guess that I trained then because it was part of the job and I liked the feel of the kick when I won.

In my 40’s life started to show me that time had me fixed in its crosshairs. It was a riptide taking me for a ride, whether I wanted it or not. Training then was a form of self-discipline. This discipline allowed me a certain feeling of self control and that if I had to swim, the feel that I was swimming in a direction that I wanted to go.

Now, well into my 50’s, training is not about the girls and looking good, not about the sizzle of winning or the glamour of a champion, not about the big payday, not even about being in control and the captain of  my own ship.

It’s about survival.

But thinking back on it all, that just may have been the way it always was.

Thinking About Fitness

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