MR. B’S Story

Introduction: Mr. B is the successful CEO of his own company. He and I have known each other for years. In fact, Mr. B. was one of  the first people I met after wondering on to the island fresh from Los Angeles in the early 1990’s. Way back then Mr. B was just starting out, an ambitious young accountant. I on the other hand was a guy struggling to make my way as the island’s first personal trainer and doing my best to figure out how to build the gym of my dreams here in this newly adopted land.

Over the next dozen years or so, Mr. B and I traveled down our own individual paths, progressing through our respective professions and making our way across our chosen fields. We lost touch with each other for quite some time…until one day I received a surprise visit from him at BodyWorks.

Mr. B was carrying around some extra luggage when we began his programme.

Mr. B was carrying around some extra luggage when we initiated his training programme.

BEFORE: we were to spend the next 4 months developing a bespoke training system that was guaranteed to forge a new body out of the old one.

BEFORE: we were to spend the next 4 months whipping him into shape.

When it concerned business, Mr. B possessed all the necessary attributes: drive, self-discliple, ability to put off short term pleasure in favour of long term gains, etc. He had all these and other characteristics that were necessary to help him rise in the world of finance.

What he didn’t have was fitness. He was pretty out of shape and putting on weight fast…and lots of it. The time had come to climb out of a rut. What he needed was simply needed a helping hand to get rid of some excess baggage.

To make a long story short, over the next 4 months, we created a plan & put it into play. We got right down to the business of getting fit and kept at it until we got what we were after.

What we were after was a brilliant transformation for this man. And that’s exactly what we got.

So, this is the story of Mr. B and these are the photos that chronicle his transformation





Profile: Mr. B

Age: 49

Occupation: CEO

Interests: Golf, Skiing, Cycling, Traveling, Armwrestling

& Leading the Good Life.

Member of Bodyworks: 4 months.

Mr. B Comments:

AFTER: 4 months later

AFTER: 4 months later

“To say that Alex and Bodyworks have completely changed my life for the better would be an understatement. Alex formulated a training and lifestyle/diet regime that fit in with my life: in 4 months I have lost 4 stone of flab and have been transformed from an overweight middle-aged man into a athlete.

AFTER: 4 months later!

AFTER: 25 kgs. lighter (R Side View)

“Sure, I pumped the iron, gave up bad food and applied the necessary dietary principles myself, but without the structure, discipline and guidance of a very qualified and competent instructor, I would never be where I am now on my own steam.”

AFTER (L Side View) 4 months later.

AFTER (L Side View) I feel like a new man.

Putting It All In Perspective:  

“After working hard, living a full, varied life and acquiring the necessary resources, the years pass and you suddenly find yourself in a middle aged body. Society will do its best to convince you that you cannot be like you were at 20 years old (unless possibly you are a movie star or a rock musician).

“Alex provides the tools and motivation to prove this myth completely wrong. I have more energy, better self-esteem, I sleep better and I am 100% more chirpy than I was before I signed up with Alex.

AFTER: a few short months of training at BodyWorks I was back in the best shape of my life.

AFTER: a few short months of training at BodyWorks and I was back in the best shape of my life.

“Alex listens very carefully and frequently asks me questions about sleep, energy levels etc – all designed to gauge what tweaks we need  to place into my workout schedule, eating habits and so on.

“Pay attention to your trainer, don’t try to be perfect, be as honest as you can with him and you will be amazed at the transformation that will ensue…following Alex will result in you vastly exceeding your expectations for your own physical health, well-being, transforming  and empowering your life.”

Update 30/01/15        MR. B is currently enjoying a skiing holiday in France and writes:

” Re: Ski Trip. My fitness is a major positive factor, so much better at skiing and my rate of progress, on Piste and off, is stratospheric since initiating our training plan. Core work is easy, upper body so strong, calves very strong, legs strong…But we are skiing the powder so much, with far fewer breaks and the first muscle to tire is the Quadriceps. Next year, for ski season only, we need more focus on them. The immeasurable improvement in fitness etc is so evident and remarkable. More to follow, thanks again for all the hard work that actioned this leap in my overall level of fitness.”

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