The Kneeling Leg Curl

There is always something new, radical and interesting that you can do to improve your legs.

Legs are the rock-solid foundation upon which rests your entire physique. Nothing looks better than a great pair of them walking down the street, languidly perched atop a pair of shiny stiletto heels riding just below a short skirt or running happily along the soft, sun-drenched sands on a sandy tropical beach. How and why people get bored with and avoid training them, we just can’t figure out.

Whether you are targeting your Hams, Quads, Glutes, Adductors, Abductors, Hip Flexors or Extenders-we should always have something in our bag of tricks to do hit them from a different angle, hit them hard and shape them to what we will.

At Bodyworks we like to innovate. We really never get tired of fiddling around, adding to and expanding on our Leg routine repertoire & functionality. So with that in mind, we would like to present here for your viewing pleasure The Kneeling Leg Curl, the most recent instalment in our Dirty Dozen Video Series. It is a phenomenal leg exercise to add to your current routine and enhance those “show muscles.”

We hope that you will enjoy this little video and find it useful.

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