What is BodyWorks For?

BODYWORKS offers up a unique mixture of old school atmosphere, philosophy & motivation infused with new school technology, technique & knowledge.

Here’s the starry-eyed view of the gym:

It is about an idea made real. It was always about an idea made real. Flesh & blood & sweat & toil. It takes a lot of good old-fashioned hard work and guts to make a place this good. This is a place that has space and light and lots of tools, really good tools to get healthy and fit with. You can sense a tingle of electricity when you walk through the door. It is a structure  for people to come and not feel bored, claustrophobic or cramped in, a place to train happily, productively and achieve results in.  A place built to purpose.

Bodyworks is a chrome & steel environment that will encourage you to recognize your own potential and reach for it. It’s description lies somewhere between well kitted workshop and fitness laboratory where you can tinker, experiment, build & develop whatever your fitness goal may be-no matter how simple, ambitious or far reaching it is.

It’s a place to choose your dreams, chase them down and make them real; to fashion yourself into what you were not before.

Here’s the No BS, homeboy view of the gym:

If BodyWorks is about anything, its about finding new ways and means to avoid mediocrity, overcome limitations and transcend your beginnings.

The present BodyWorks, now in its 3rd and most recent incarnation, opened for business on 15th of October, 2012.

However…BodyWorks has been running non-stop 24/7 in Guernsey one form or another since 1 January, 1994.

BodyWorks operates on a 24/7 schedule and we do this in a way that is rather unique. Please make contact with us to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals, fitness requirements, view the facilities, see how it all works and how it can work for you.

We are located on the 1st floor of the Newlands Building, Lowlands Industrial Estate, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5XJ.

Contact us via email, telephone or FaceBook and then come down and have a look around.

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