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Cast out upon a perilous sea of misrepresentation, misinformation and just general omnipresent bullshit, we offer up a little life raft & survival kit of links. We consider these sources to be relatively reliable places to go for good info. They display enough integrity to help keep your head above the mendacious waves threatening to drown you and at a safe distance from annoying con artists who always seem to be on the lookout to screw you for a dime. They will also help skirt self-proclaimed experts suffering from Dunning-Kroeger Syndrome and other assorted noxious wasters of your time.

These sites have served to educate and enlighten us along the way. They are for people who like to read, find out about the WHY & HOW of things and don’t mind getting their noses stuck in a book or two.

We will randomly add links that we find helpful, are of sufficient quality and are more or less there for the taking. We will also delete those links for which we find these qualities no longer applicable.

This page is still under construction and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Links related to Nutrition & Diet:

  • Think of it as a professional Wikipedia of nutritional knowledge, analysis & information. Comprises scientists, editors, and peer reviewers from multiple academic and research institutions. Originally concerned with acting as a science-based supplementation resource, its growth in popularity has allowed expansion into assessment and analysis of most aspects of nutritional research.
  • The World’s Healthiest Foods  In our opinion, the best recipe and whole food resource on the .net today. Absolutely top-notch.
  • SuppVersity  The line between genius and madness is thin and this bro-science hating blogger skirts it with finesse, aplomb and a critical eye cocked towards the practical issues requiring a keen and inquiring mind.

Links related to Exercise, Training & Related Strategies:

  • Muscle Talk an archive of often interesting and sometimes reasonable information relating (mostly) to resistance training and strategies for hypertrophy.
  • Getting Stronger  Why getting fit ain’t easy and shouldn’t be. Haven’t a clue what Hormesis is and why you should care? Here’s the place to find out.

Links related to Pain, Injury & Rehabilitation Strategies:

  • PainScience an incredible 2-decade long labour of love, significantly resourced with hard-headed and practical science-powered advice from a clued-up Vancouver-based science science writer by the name of Paul Ingraham. I’ll let him explain it to you:

The science of aches and pains and injuries is surprisingly weird, controversial, and interesting. My job is to understand and translate that science for patients and professionals, about 35,000 of you each day, viewing about 1.4 million pages/month. I try to make it friendlier than the institutional health care sites, but more scholarly and detailed than most health blogs. I emphasise self-help for the patient, but many professionals come here too — because who doesn’t like clear, simple language about complex problems?”

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