An Inconsequential Ode to Coffee and the Timing of It.



Coffee, it’s a no-brainer. There are nutritional experts and health gurus out there who will inform you that it’s deadlier than strychnine and kills more people than cancer. Oh really? You probably do more damage to your health by waking up in the morning without a cup of joe than with one. This brown liquid is the most used and consumed stimulant on earth.

When taken in moderation, coffee has many life enhancing properties and exerts lots of beneficial effects on both the body & brain. But try, I suppose, and you can convince some gullible gormf of just about anything. Take caffeine  in a large enough quantities or time it badly and you might conceivably do some damage. It is like a liquid sword cutting both ways, if you decide to swing it around wildly enough.

But what it really is, is this: a keen sharpener of the mind, a lifter of mood, an increaser of metabolic rate (great for any muscle building and fat burning activity) and one of the most potent natural sources of anti-oxidants available. It is also a material with such unique properties that even lab rats get frisky when a fresh brewed cup is wafting it’s magical aroma around the lab.

Timing Your Cup

So when should you consume this marvellous beverage to maximise its positive benefits and minimise the chance of interference with sleep patterns?

During the times of the day when your CORTISOL ( levels peak (see graph below). Basically, in the morning and after lunch.



Which makes intuitive sense and is probably when most people do, anyway.

And by avoiding consumption when cortisol is minimal, you will be using this tasty and useful beverage optimally.

That’s it.

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