9 Weeks To The Beach Update

9 Weeks To The Beach Weekly Update

Weight: 89.0Kg / Body Fat: 11.3%

5 1/2 Weeks In
3 1/2 Weeks To Go…

Challenge Diary Excerpt:

Summary: Finishing up Week 5, Phase 4, 2nd Low-Carb Cycle. Body Fat % still dropping nicely. Weight a little lighter than I would like, but stable. Strength Levels OK and Energy Levels Good.

Total Drop In Body Fat: 5.6 % (equiv. 5.3kg pure fat).
Total Drop in Body Weight: 4.4 kg (equiv. 0.9kg muscle gain).

So, considering that my main goal here was fat loss, the addition of almost a kilo of muscle is a pleasant surprise.

11-May-14 (Front)

Starting to shape up and looking forward to working on that California Tan.

Current training consists of 50-60 minutes of Cardio 4-5 X/Week and Split Routine of 1 body part daily. I never mix CV work with Resistance Training in the same session, if I can’t do these activities on separate days, I try to work in as many hours as possible in between these two forms of training.

Very excited about introducing and applying the concepts from these experienced-based results to the Lean Degree Course curriculum and using them to help the students achieve their goals.

11-May-14 (Profile)

Left profile shot, making progress.


The goal is to go sub 10% BF and be above 90kg body weight. Something tells me that squeezing out that last 1% is going to be murder.

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