The Challenge

After 10 years of honourable service our faithful old Tanita scale died, so we acquired a new Omron Body Comp Monitor. We programmed the device with the necessary info, hopped on it and didn’t like what we saw: it added 3% body fat to our last reading So, being a rather proactive individual who fancies himself having some big “huevos”, we said to ourselves “Alex, why not make a virtue of a necessity?”, we’ve decided to live dangerously, having just issued ourselves with the following challenge:


DROP 4% (3.74 kg) in Body Fat, while NOT slipping below a bodyweight of 90 kg. NOTE* Ladies & Gents, this will be a daunting task, as any fool can lose weight… but the GOLD standard in this task is to retain muscle mass while doing it.


We are sick and tired seeing challenges of this sort all over Facebook & the Net being either:

  1. conveniently forgotten when the steam ran out or the guy failed to reach his goal; or
  2. the whole thing was reported “after the fact”, the anouncement was made after everything was safe, neat & tidy.

Well, we think all that is just: “B*LLSH*T!” and we are putting everyone on notice that we are taking action now! Is this risky? You bet, so let’s get on with it… Here are the STATS for Alex on 1 April, 2014 at 15h00: Bodyweight: 93.4 kg Body Fat % (according to Omron): 16.9 (equivalent to 15.78 kg of fat). Visceral Fat: 15 BMI (although Bodybuilder’s don’t think much of BMI and usually like to keep it in the high zone): 30.5 Age: 56 (yikes! Unfortunately won’t be able to do much with this fact ) Target Date: Tuesday 3 June 2014 at 15h00. Friends & Enemies, the gauntlet has been thrown down in public for all to see (we’ve taken a gamble, placed a bet that we will have to pay for, if we don’t nail it!) Alex likes a challenge. CAN HE DO IT? or will he suffer public humiliation and have to hang his head in shame? See you all in 9 wks.


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